Data Protection Updates – May 2018

Many of you will have received an influx of e-mails from organizations or sites that in some way or other have collected your personal data over the past years. This is because collection and retention policies of personal data are changing as of the 25th May, 2018.

As Language Landscape we are committed to respecting your right to decide how you share your personal data, and do not share users’ personal data with third parties without their explicit consent. This is why the Language Landscape map is completely user generated. As such, the changes that are being enacted by the new Data Protection Act (GDPR) were already been put into place since the launch of the LL map. Since this is the case we would like to remind you to be respectful of the people you record and to make sure you collect appropriate informed consent for every recording instance, whether verbal or written. This means explaining to the participant being recorded what the purpose of the recording is and how it will be distributed or shared with the public. More information about consent forms and collection of personal data can be found on our resources page.

More information about GDPR and the changes taking place can be found here.

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