Language Landscape is involved in outreach with schools and community centres. The outreach programmes are in line with the general objectives of Language Landscape: to raise awareness of language diversity and encourage greater interaction amongst speakers of smaller languages through the use of our website. Our programmes aim to increase awareness of the global geographical spread and movement of languages and to show how the interactive tools on this website can be used to document and map this movement.

pilot project has been launched at Bow School in East London, with support from UnLtd‘s SOAS Hub. Summer 2013 will also see the launch of our community centre based outreach projects at the London Irish Centre.

The Language Landscape Outreach team consist of Charlotte Hemmings, Ebany Dohle, Samantha Goodchild, Karolina Grzech and Teresa Poeta, who coordinate and manage a team of volunteers. We have designed and delivered a unique set of educational curricula and materials. We cover topics in linguistics and endangered and minority languages, but our primary focus is on enhancing concrete technical skills such as web skills, project management, and making and editing audio and video recordings. We are currently in the process of putting together an information pack which will include a video and a detailed case study report which will be published here soon.

If you would like to find out more or are interestedin starting a project in your school or community, please get in touch with us: outreach@languagelandscape.org.

A special thanks to our volunteers and supporters: Yun-Hsin Chang, Karin Hedberg, Soung-U Kim, Luke McDermott, Marta Poeta, Clare Roberts, Frances Simmons, Zander Zambas, Pablo Zanón.